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Millions of lives have been effected by this global pandemic, and while a cure is currently being developed, Sharpline wants to help flatten the curve by re-structuring our business to provide relief in manufacturing of safety and educational COVID-19 products to help your business or to give you a sense of comfort, knowing your staff are protected.
From educational pull up banners and posters to custom manufactured “Sharp Shields” faceshields.
We have a you “COVID”

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Designed to clear eye and safety glasses and N95 face masks. Multi-adjustable with elastic loops. Units are provided flatpack with assembly instructions. Minimum quantity us 100 boxed with 10 per pack. POA on orders exceeding 500 units. All rights reserved.


We have custom designed stickers for Covid-19 related purposes. Such stickers are applied to your floor spacial or social distancing markers helping to show your customers and staff the distance to be standing for social distancing requirements. Other stickers are applied to glass doors, windows or custom COVID19 screens.

Screen Partitions

These are 3mm Clear perspex / plexiglas screens to help protect your staff from sneezing and coughing and continue to work comfortably. They can be supplied with our set sizes or they can be custom manufactured to your requirements and specs. They can be made to stand or can be suspended from your ceiling.


Educational COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related banners with custom designs. We have also go preset templates to help educate your customers or staff with preventative measures, hand washing or explaining terms related to the virus. These come in various sizes but can also be custom to your requirements.

Desk Protection

Children going back to school. Let us help you protect them with a pack. We custom manufacture face shields for juniors as well as custom desk protective screens. These ensure your children are safe when they return to school. Some of our junior screens come with sticker packs to help make it fun.

Custom Elements

If all above is not what you looking for, we print on all elements and can custom make elements. We have also got educational COVID-19 related marketing material like flyers, brochures or stickers. If you need something printed to help your customers or staff understand the virus –  We have you COVID

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Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Some of our work:

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you



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