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Specialized signage is focused on creating an impact for your company. At Sharpline, we manufacture outdoor and indoor specialized signs that are tailored to make your company stand out, create an impression on your businesses and comply with your corporate identity. Our exterior signs are designed to withstand our harsh outdoor climate and are completely waterproof and weatherproof. Our interior signs are manufactured out of affordable materials to keep to your budget but still deliver quality for your brand. Whether it be light boxes, laser cut letters, fabricated letters or more, we at Sharpline are here to help your business with quality and efficiency!

What can we help me with ?

Direct Substrate Printing

We can print directly to different substrates/surfaces and mount directly to the surface in which the signage will go. We can print on glass, correx, hulabond, chromadek and more. This process uses UV inks and is for exterior or interior use.


A flat box having a side of translucent metal/perspex and containing LED’s or LED tubes so as to provide an evenly lit flat surface or even illumination. On the face of the box we would use either vinyls or a digital print to complete the box.

Fabricated Letters

Fabricated letters add a class to a business. Each letter has perspex returns/sides and can either be illuminated with LED’s or or can be non-illuminated. Manufacturing them out of perspex allows them to be fitted on the exterior or interior of a building.


Some companies prefer the very corporate and smart looking laser cutting of brushed steels or metals. Once laser cut, they can be powder coated the corporate colours of the company and usually have studs or pins to raise the sign or shape off the wall.

Specialist Woods

We can router or lasercut specialist woods to allow for a more rustic signage. With our in-house router we can engrave, cutout signage in a single run. The combination of wood textures provide an effect, better than printing the texture, as it creates a 3d textural quality to the sign.

Vinyls and Special Effects

From wallpaper signage, backgrounds for lightboxes and sandblasting for glass, we can add a unique signage to all offices or homes with these specialists vinyls.

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Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Some of our work:

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you



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