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Transform your vehicle into a rolling billboard.

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Turn your vehicles into eye-catching advertising machines,drawing attention to your business and differentiating yourself in a crowd of competition. By wrapping a vehicle, a business is exposing its product or service to thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.
At Sharpline we have wrapped many different vehicles. From Tuc Tuc’s and Motorbikes to supercars and superlink truck bodies. We are accredited Avery Dennison installers and our professional vehicle wrapping specialists are ready to do your car wrap in a short time. Proffessional, time compliant and cost effective.

What can we help you with?

What do we wrap/brand ?

We wrap pretty much anything that can transport people. Planes, bikes, boats, superlinks, trucks and yes we also wrap cars. We also do custom design jobs for the vehicles in our industry leading, graphic design department.

Corporate Decals

Most cost effective form of automotive branding. Corporate decals come as a standard, done as door decals and some details on the rear of the vehicle. Enough information to allow passing vehicles to know who you are. This can also be done on magnetic as well so it can be removed when needed.

Partial Wraps

1/2 or 3/4 wraps whereby we wrap certain elements of the vehicle based on the budget by the customer. Usually these partial wraps do not include the roof of the vehicle. All details of the business are printed and all prints have a clear laminate to protect them from the harsh elements.

Full Wraps

When you want to make a lasting impression the choice is a full vehicle wrap. A full wrap will maximize the ability for Sharpline to exert our innovative design skills  in order to bring your brand identity to life. If you have a monthly marketing budget, allocating a small portion to wrapping your vehicles or fleet will yield an astounding ROI.

Fleet Branding

Uniformity is key for a brand consistency. The last thing you want is a fleet with different colours, textures, vinyls, and misplaced applications. At Sharpline we value the uniformity of a brand and adhere to brand and corporate identity guidelines to deliver a fleet that all look identical, so that your brand is always consistent.

Pinstriping & OEM

Those exotic cars may always need something a little “sporty”. With 30 years of pinstriping experience, we have applicated on hundreds of exotic cars, adding an edge to please our clients on their toys. We also provide the automotive industry with OEM kits for their “upgraded” versions of their more affordable vehicles.

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Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Sample of our work – Follow us on social media to see more.

Some of our work:

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you

You ready for a quote ? Let us assist you



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